LOUMA V Midnight Canyon

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LOUMA V Midnight Canyon


  • Aromatherapy Crystal System
  • 8 Acrylic Set Colour Changing LED Lighting System
  • Power Bluetoooth System

Thats a saving of over €800!

Beautifully designed with the perfect two lounger and three seat formation.  The Louma V offers a spacious environment with comfortable seating and powerful massage options for everyone.  The deliberate positioning of Crystec Diamond Cut jets provide head to toe hydrotherapy massage for all users.  So, whether its allowing yourself the time and space to relax and relieve tensions or sharing time with friends and family, creating the perfect atmosphere for all occasions is what the Louma V does best and has earnt it the reputation of ‘the ideal family fun Spa’. 

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Shell Colour: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 2000*2000*900mm
Shell Material: Asterite® Acrylic
Suitable for: 5 people
Water Capacity: 1400 Litres
Headrest Pillow: 3
Frame Material: Fortec - Non Rot Framework
Bottom Base: Protec - Moulded Floor Protection
Composit Synthetic Skirt: Duratec - Smooth Grey Clever Cabinets
Frost Prevention System: Frost Prevention
Water Level Detection: Water Level Detection
Temperature Detection: Temperature Detection
Water Outlet Drainage: Hose Union Fitting
Shut-Off Valve: Pump & Controller
Sanitisation: Ozonator 50mg/ph
Filtration: Double Energy Saving 2x50sq ft Filtration System
Self Cleaning: Sweeper Jet System
Bottom LED Lighting: 7 Colour LED 5"
Other Lighting: 8 Acrylic Set RGB LED Lights, Waterfall LED's & all controls (Circa 24 total)
Waterfall: Blade 7" Stainless Steel
Max Current: 13 Amp Plug & Play or 32 Amp
Voltage / Frequency Europe: 220-240V/50Hz
Control System: Crystec ComTec Control System
Heater: 2KW Heater
Jets Pumps 1: 3HP LX Pump
Circulation Pump: 1 x .35HP LX Circulation Pump
5'' Jets: 3
3'' Jets: 7
2'' Jets: 21
1 3/4'' Jets: 6
Total Jets: 37
Product Code: LOU-WH-NA-NW-SL-TP
Weight: 280kg
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