Mastering the artistry of an aesthetically beautiful and truly hard standing acrylic shell.

Crystec Spas work in partnership with one of the world's leading manufactures to fulfil their acrylic sheeting requirements.  A manufacturer widely considered the number one producer od acrylic sheeting worldwide.  A trusted company that uses continuous cast, cross-linked acrylic sheeting.

After production, every acrylic mould is layered with a bonding agent to provide additional strength, impact absorption and durability as well as prevent potential uplifting and blistering of the shell.  For added protection, every Diamond Cast shell utilises antimicrobial protection which penetrates and disrupts the key cell functions of micro-organisms, inhibiting bacteria growth and maintaining a clean, bacteria free, bathing environment.

Before completion, every shell is sprayed with a highly resilient resin reinforcement to further increase flexibility and tensile strength.  This process ensures longevity and noise transfer reduction as well as reducing running costs by acting as a reliable heat retention barrier.

Every Crystec Spas shell is backed with a 10 year* no leak structural warranty alongside a 10 year* shell surface warranty for complete peace of mind.

ForTec – Non Rot Framework 

Crystec Spas has created ForTec.  An optimal strength, non rot framework for every spa that provides increased durability and ultimately, greater structural integrity to their complete portfolio of product.

ForTec is the ultimate framework that will never rot, warp, split, crack or corrode, extending the life of your investment long into the future. 

ProTec - Moulded Floor Protection

The unsung hero of any spa providing an essential function to the build, performance, and longevity of your investment.

ProTec moulded floors are precision manufactured and specifically designed in conjunction with the shell, framework, cabinet, and insulation to form, on completion, a ‘made to measure’ seal and lock tight unit. 

Formed with pre-moulded lift site locators and run-away water channel outlets to aid site installation and relocation as well as a protective outer membrane to minimise future contact damage.  Careful consideration coupled with progressive advancements are built into every ProTec moulded base.

ThermoTec Insulation – 3 Core HeatLock Process

As the financial cost and environmental impact of energy overuse increases so too does the personal and global desire to explore innovative ways of reducing energy consumption wherever possible.  Crystec support this movement and to maximise product efficiency have created ThermoTec, an improved insulation solution.

With its unique HeatLock process, ThermoTec reduces power consumption by retaining maximum heat within the cavity of the spa creating a more positive outcome both environmentally and economically.

High performance, rubber matting with a 20mm density is used as barrier insulation across the base and between the framework of every spa.  Reflective insulation wrap is then layered over this and across every spa side panel to ensure that heat generated from the pumps is reflected by the foil to the inside of the shell, heating the spa cabinet and water with minimal heat leakage.

DuraTec – Clever Cabinets

DuraTec cabinets and corner panels provide excellent durability with added resistance to scuff, scratch, abrasion, UV and chemical damage.  

Thanks to the revolutionary manufacture and design of DuraTec cabinets, a flush fit and finish is achieved with no visible fasteners or trim components.  Using the best quality materials and textured finishes alongside modern contemporary colours ensures that a Crystec Spa always maintains a distinctly luxurious look and feel.


Crystec Double Energy Saving Filtration

What could be better than one high performance, energy saving filter in your spa - surely two!  Maximising the cleaning capacity and ensuring the healthiest bathing environment, every Crystec spa includes a double filtration system, powered by a separate, energy efficient and silent circulation pump.  Filtering 100% of the bathing water more economically, the filters are housed discreetly, run silently and provide maximum efficiency.

Crystec Ozone – Sensible Sanitation

All Crystec Spas include Ozone which works hard to kill pathogenic bacteria, germs and micro-organisms ensuring the safest, cleanest bathing water.  Ozone reduces the amount of chemicals required for optimum sanitisation contributing to a reduced ongoing chemical spend.

Crystec Sweeper Jet – Self Cleaning Spa

Whilst the double energy saving filtration system is more than adequate in filtrating the bathing water and removing unwanted debris, an ongoing issue has always been small or heavy micro-particles that often escape the pull of the filtration and sink to the basin of the spa.  The sweeper jet is a clever design that sits discretely at the bottom of the spa releasing a steady jetstream of water across the basin forcing loose particles back up into the bathing water and directly into the pull of the filtration system.  Self cleaning perfection.

Crystec Diamond Cut Jets 

Modern, matt textured jets with stainless steel detailing, precision engineered using the highest quality materials.  Using a combination of rotary, directional and pulsating jet mechanisms each seat formation is carefully designed to deliver a unique massage sensation.  Every jet can be individually controlled to adjust the water flow and direction with an easy rotate to off option ensuring you achieve the perfect massage experience.

AuroraTec LED Light System

Therapeutically, colour and light combinations are a proven method for soothing the senses and lifting the spirit.  Enhance this therapy with warm waters to lift a tired mind and relax aching muscles even further.  Leave your troubles behind and truly unwind.

Crystec Spas champion these therapeutic benefits and so include, on every spa: a large, 7 colour changing LED bottom light to fully illuminate the bathing water.  8 perimeter lights, 4 external lights, and illuminated water feature and topside controls.

AuroraTec LED ULTRA Light System

AuroraTec LED ULTRA – Available as an upgrade is the AuroraTec LED ULTRA lighting package.  This will increase the lights package to up to 80 illuminated pieces with backlit cup holders, exterior panel, and corner lights and backlit 3” and 5” water jets.  Set the lighting hue to suit your mood and soothe or invigorate your senses.

AudioTec Power - Bluetooth System

To enhance the entertainment experience, Crystec include, in every spa, the AudioTec Power BLUETOOTH system. A fully waterproof audio system with 2 x 60 watt Aquatic AV output speakers.  A simple BLUETOOTH connection to any smartphone device and you will experience superior sound quality that will please even the most demanding user.

AudioTec PowerPro – Bluetooth System

Elevate the listening experience with AudioTec Power Pro. This upgrade includes a 115 watt subwoofer inside the main frame of the spa. Fully appreciate the clarity of bass tones, bump up the volume without distortion and never miss a beat.

AromaTec – Aromatherapy Crystal System

Indulge in sensory heaven with AromaTec.  Help soothe common colds, relax tired muscles, or simply switch off and enjoy the variety of sweet fragrances available.  Crystec Spas clever cartridge system is not only extremely effective but also simple and convenient for everyday use.  The crystal bead technology creates no mess and no fuss.  Simply add the fragrance cartridge to the inbuilt injection system and the scent will disperse through the hydro jets.  AromaTec is versatile and cartridges can be changed or replaced between or mid-session.  There are 6 wonderful aromas to choose from including: Jasmine, Sea, Lavender, Rose, Green Tea and Sakura.