AudioTec Bluetooth P20 Amplifier 30W

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AudioTec Bluetooth P20 Amplifier 30W

Putting you in control of your spa audio

AudioTec Bluetooth P20 Amplifier 30W receiver and amplifier allows you to manage the audio system in your spa. Putting you in control your speakers from anywhere by using one of your Bluetooth-enabled devices (such a smartphone or tablet, for example). With it’s built-in transformer, you can connect it directly to any control system that has a 4-pin 230V AMP connection or to a standard household 230V outlet. The receiver's Molex 12-pin connector is set up for a 2.1 stereo installation.



Maximum power: 2 x 30W (8 Ohm) or 60W (4 Ohm)

Transformer input voltage: 220V-240V AC

Output voltage: 24V DC

Maximum current: 6.25 A

Warranty: 2 years