Crystec Spas Ltd


Crystec is a technology-focused manufacturer of high-quality Spas or Hot Tubs, with a mission to become the best in class and most innovative Manufacturer in Europe.



In the Beginning


Founded in the Republic of Cyprus at the beginning of 2017, the company quickly built a solid retail reputation based on desire, reliability, and trust. At the same time a 3-year plan was developed to start the only manufacturing plant in Cyprus for building our own range of designed technology driven Hot Tubs for the home market and for exporting to all EU countries and the UK.


2018, 2019 and 2020, enabled Crystec to refine its Cyprus retail operations which went from strength to strength, including dedicated engineering teams for 24-hour call outs and exceptional customer relations giving best in class service to all our consumers, covering the entirety of the Republic of Cyprus. This was reflected in our success with sales that have now exceeded 200 Hot Tub installations per year.





In 2019 Crystec began building its production factory in Agia Varvara Industrial region Paphos and, by the end of 2020 the first assembled Hot Tubs rolled off the production lines.


At the end of 2021, after several months of product testing and development, the Crystec Spas range launched.  Supplying over 200 of our own manufactured spas to the local market by the end of the year.  During this time Crystec Spas evaluated all parts and processes of the production and decided to part ways on the exclusive partnership they had with Balboa in favour of developing a more consumer cost effective and technological advanced solution for its system and pumps.


2022, was clearly an exceptional year with our new finishing factory now in full operation taking our production capabilities to over 3000 per annum in our factories with more than 3000 square meters of internal space.


2022 was also the year for quality refinement.  Nailing the highest quality comparable product and technology at the most affordable price points for all our customers.  It saw the implementation of our newly developed control systems saving the consumer 35% on running costs and the introduction of our integrated Heat Pumps which reduce the running costs even more as well as allowing cooling of the  Hot Tub to as low as 13 degrees in the Hot Cyprus summer months.  This addition also gave us increased confidence in our long-term quality of product which lead to the introduction of our industry leading, 10 Year warranty (subject to an authorised annual Service).


Export took off and Crystec spas began being shipped to the UK.  2022 also saw the start of our co-operation with British Manufacturer RotoSpa, with whom we have exclusive supply of their products to all 27 EU countries and, in turn RotoSpa will supply all Crystec Spas alongside their product portfolio in the UK.

RotoSpa are the only manufacturer of Hot Tubs in the UK, and their range of rotational moulded units compliment the Crystec range as they are specifically designed for the Holiday Let and Hotel Balcony use, and they have also adapted the 10-year warranty of Crystec Spas.



So, how is the future Looking?


2023 is set to be our biggest year yet in retail. With the newly opened Larnaca showroom to compliment Paphos, we are the only Hot Tub company on the island able to deliver the quality of service required with 1000’s of spare parts in stock to back up our products designed and built here on the Island. 


The Crystec Factories are set to have another exciting year in 2023 with the re-design of 13 models ranging from our popular 2-3 seaters ideal for balconies, our biggest selling 2m x 2m 5 and 6 seaters (all Launching March 2023), to our huge 8-seater entertainment Hot Tub due to be in production by the end of 2023.


With over 30 Staff filled with passion, belief, and dedication with a shared desire to succeed, we are making great strides to achieving our mission.


We are now expanding our distribution and retail network with exclusive agreements across all markets in the EU and have export orders already more than 1000.


The Founder and dedicated team at Crystec Spas are committed to the future of the Spa industry and continue to develop and improve in all areas to ensure we maintain course for manufacture goals.