Frequently Asked Questions

What should we think about before buying?

You need to know where you are going to put your Hot Tub and have an idea on how much you want to spend. Our friendly team will walk you through the experience checking your specific needs and finding the model that’s perfect for you, whether it is for social pleasure, therapeutic needs or a mixture of both that you are looking for.

What will it cost?

Our Hot Tubs are available in a wide range of prices. Just like cars, Hot Tub prices reflect features, materials and finishing. No matter what model you choose you can be assured that they have all been subjected to the same level of quality and workmanship, using components that are selected from suppliers that meet our strict quality requirements.

How big should I go?

Our Hot tubs vary in size but our most popular products come in 2m x 2m. The larger the Hot Tub, the more people it will generally accommodate. You should start by measuring the space where you intend to install your Spa, leaving around 0.5-1m of space around the sides to allow for access, steps and accessories such as cover lifters.
Our Spas come in sizes that can accommodate between 2 to 7 people. Our most common sizes are those with 5-6 seats and you should think about the type of use you will be getting out of the Hot tub; is it primarily for you to use as a household or do you intend to do a lot of entertaining with friends and family.

What else should I buy with my Hot Tub?

All of our Hot tubs come complete with a thermal cover, steps and a chemical starter pack so that you have everything you need to start enjoying your experience. The majority of our customers elect to purchase a cover lifter to protect the thermal cover from damage which in turn maintains its ability to retain the heat inside the spa. A hot tub cover lifter also helps anyone on their own to remove and replace the cover quickly, easily and efficiently.
We have an exciting range of additional accessories that are all specially designed to make your overall Spa experience safe and enjoyable. These can be purchased on the day or purchased and fitted by our experienced team on the day of delivery.
Now that you have the Hot Tub its no different to a car and equally important that you look after it. We have designed a range of monthly care packages to help you maintain and service your Spa while offering some great savings, upgrades and part exchange opportunities. These are priced annually for even more savings or convenient monthly payments to help you spread the cost. Our servicing options support your warranty and provide you with complete piece of mind for up to 10 years.

What are the benefits of having a Hot Tub?

Relief: Hot water in general helps relax your body. This can also alleviate aches and pains associated with athletic injuries like muscle pulls or even arthritis. Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for soothing pains and treating diseases. Hydrotherapy is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, or spinal cord injuries and in patients suffering burns, spasticity, stroke or paralysis. If you’re in pain and it’s not a broken bone, a good soak will probably help you feel better.
Escape: All this relaxing and warmth isn’t just good for you literally, but also good for you figuratively. Sitting in warm water and feeling the benefits can greatly reduce your stress. There are numerous benefits to be had from reducing and managing stress, beginning with an increase in concentration, a decrease in anxiety, and a reduction in pain. Effectively managing stress often leads to improved health.
Family Time: A Hot Tub at home can help to find an excuse to take a break from the every day chaos going on in your daily routine and help you to make time to create a space for the whole family to reconnect. When was the last time you talked properly with your partner or gave up your time for your kids who are quickly turning into young adults?
There are many other benefits linked to owning and using a Hot tub including cardiovascular health, sleep, blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss and anxiety to name but a few.

What are the running costs?

All our Spas are manufactured to maximise efficiency wherever possible and include full cabinet insulation and Nordic lids as standard which ensures minimum energy loss. Coral Spas are always exploring new and innovate ideas to help reduce cost and maximise efficiency for our customers. Check out our Technologies section for a few of the ways in which we aim to make things cheaper for you.