Chemical Guidance



Eliminates bacteria and potentially harmful organisms which is essential when dealing with large volumes of warm water. Ensuring that chlorine levels are adequate within your Hot Tub requires a daily check (using test strips) and helps to keep the PH at a satisfactory level. It is a very simple task and takes just 2 minutes. Chlorine is available in granule and tablet form for use with a tablet dispenser.


Similar to Chlorine and effective over a wider range of PH levels. Bromine is slightly more stable at higher temperatures with a more subtle odour. Also available in tablet form for use with a tablet dispenser.


This is used to destroy unsightly foam (caused by detergents in your clothes or cosmetics etc) that may form on the surface of your water. It is a quick and safe way to break down the foam, simply add the stated dose to your water while pumps are running.


Non-Chlorine Shock
The ultimate product for water oxidation. It destroys bathers waste but also totally clarifies your water so that your Spa not only looks great but feels great too. Essential after heavy usage in your Spa.


pH Plus
pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline your bathing water is. The ideal range for skin and your Spa is between 7.2 and 7.6. If your pH drops below 7.2, pH Plus will increase the level back to the desired range.


pH Minus
Likewise, pH Minus will decrease the level of your waters pH. In hard water areas where calcium deposits can build up, this product is very effective.


Filter Cleaner
Rapidly removes grease and oil from your filter cartridge. Regularly cleaning your filter will help you Spa to function better and ensure the clarity of your water is sparkly. Rinse filter with a hosepipe to remove any larger particles of debris then put the filters in a bucket of water with the filter cleaner overnight. The following day, thoroughly clean with a hosepipe and allow the filters to dry naturally ready for the next use.


Surface Cleaner
Specially formulated for use in Spas, not only is Surface cleaner effective, but it can also be used on all internal Spa surfaces without upsetting the pH level. Great for removing those unsightly water/scum lines.


Hot Tub Flush
Removes the build-up of soaps and oils and scum that may sit and linger in your Hot Tubs plumbing. Hot Tub Flush is used prior to draining the spa and gives a deep and thorough clean every time.


Spa Fragrances
Administered through a convenient inbuilt aromatherapy cartridge and dispersed directly into the bathing water. A variety of scents are available. Aromatherapy has proven therapeutic benefits and can improve your overall mood.

All chemicals should be used in accordance with the instructions which are clearly detailed on the label of each unit.



Maintenance Routine


Test the Chlorine or Bromine levels using our 4-Way Test Strips to ensure that your Spa is adequately sanitised and dose your Spa according to the instructions on your Crystec purchased packaging.
Test Spa pH levels to ensure they fall between 7.2 and 7.6. If not within these parameters a simple dose of pH Plus or pH Minus should resolve the issue. Again, use according to instructions.
If the water is foaming, use Anti-Foam as per the instructions for immediate effect.


‘Shock’ the Spa with a suitable oxidising agent such as Non chlorine shock (Oxygen Shock) or Spa Granular Shock (Calcium Hypochlorite) this is a fast-acting formula for rapid water recovery.


Rotate your filters every second week depending on usage. The filter is the work horse of your Spa and if put under too much pressure, the clarity of your water will suffer. Having replacement filters that you can rotate means that you can maintain the highest water clarity and avoid down time during the cleaning process. Allowing the filters to dry completely before replacing them ensures a cleaner and safer bathing environment whilst strengthening the paper fibers and prolonging the life of the filter.


If you live in an area with hard water (high Calcium) adding de-scaler or pH Minus to your Spa will reduce calcium build up and prolong the life of your Spa.


System Flush - use Hot Tub Flush to give yours Spa’s plumbing system a really thorough clean. Introduce the recommended amount the night before you drain the Spa and after a short cycle of the pumps, allow it to settle. Drain your Spa the following day and rest easy knowing that all of the internal plumbing has been deeply and thoroughly cleansed.

This process is highly recommended, and essential for prolonging the lifetime of your Spa.