SpaSmart Luxury Cover Lifter Plus - Under Mount

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Spa Cover Lifters,

The SpaSmart Luxury Cover Lifter Plus – Undermount is the perfect companion for your hot tub providing hassle-free cover removal.


Effortlessly remove your hot tub cover with ease & precision.

Removing your hot tub cover lifter shouldn’t be difficult, time-consuming, or strenuous. The SpaSmart Luxury Cover Lifter Plus - undermount provides you with a Hassle free, safe, and effective way to lift the cover on and off your hot tub, even if you are alone.


Protect & prolong the life of your hot tub cover.

A hot tub cover is essential to the affordable operation and maintenance of a hot tub, without a cover lifter it’s more likely that your cover could be damaged as you take it on and off your hot tub. It’s simply too critical to the successful and affordable operation of your spa to lay it on the ground or even a concrete patio where your cover can get scratched or torn when it is taken off and lifted back. The SpaSmart Luxury Cover Lifter Plus safely keeps your cover off of the ground and can be placed back on without the risk of damaging your cover and creating unnecessary wear. 


Features and Specification:

-       Undermounted installation, removes the need to drill into your spa cabinet and easy to install

-       Dual slide under mounting plates, which are securely held in place by the weight of your spa

-       Fits both square and rectangular spas ranging from 1600mm – 2400mm wide, adjustable length/width

-       Rust proof aluminium frame construction providing a heavy-duty pivot

-       Only requires as little as 45cm clearance to the rear of your spa


We’ve got you covered!

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty (12 months).