Always check your electrics.  People often compromise their tub operation by running additional devices from the same supply or not having sufficient electrics in place.  Before you call us please make sure your electrics are operating correctly and have been certified by a qualified electrician.  You may be asked to provide proof before an engineer can attend.



Remember to ensure you are not over chlorinating your tub and check that you are using chemicals supplied by hottubhome or your warranty will be invalid.  We see many instances where unauthorised chemical damage has caused faults with internal and external components that are not covered by any warranty.


Chlorine Damage (Speakers and Headrests)

99% of cases we attend for speakers are not warranty related and therefore, the repair work is chargeable.  Take care not to splash too much water into your speakers as after a short period of time the chlorine will cause damage and this is not covered by your warranty.  People sometimes have the water level too high which compromises both speakers and headrests.  Look after them for longer by keeping your water level just below the headrests.  Natural degradation over a period of time is inevitable with speakers and headrests and will vary depending on the chemical levels and usage.  If you are unsure always ask an engineer. 


Air Locks

Customers often cause accidents when changing the water.  If you cannot remember the advice that has been provided (particularly filling through the filter inlet) check first.  It’s easy to create air locks and damage pumps if you do not do it correctly and this can be costly to put right / replace.



Dirty filters are another common cause of non-warranty engineer visits.  Please ensure they are cleaned regularly and thoroughly.  If you are unsure always feel free to check with us.  We always recommend you have spare filters to change around regularly while cleaning.  Make sure you don’t suck anything into your system when changing filters.


Water Flow

Too many closed jets can cause common problems with flow, so always check that a suitable number of jets are in the 'on' position so that the flow is not restricted.



Rust-like residue is normally calcium build-up over a period of time and can be worsened by improperly balanced water so it’s important to get your balance right.   During our servicing plans, the engineer can remove components and give them a good clean, or you can decide if you want to purchase some replacements.



It can be easy to accidentally put your tub into economy mode so always check your user guide for helpful solutions on how to turn this off and other error related messages.



Please make sure that all users are careful when turning diverters / controllers.  If they are forced or turned too far they can become damaged.  Any damage beyond the point of installation will not be covered by your terms of warranty.


Please remember we are always here to help.  If you are ever unsure then check with us first or refer to your user guide.  Protect yourself now by choosing one of our great value service plans for complete peace of mind.