In recent years, the surge in hot tub popularity has brought along with it a flood of myths that can deter potential buyers. Sorting fact from fiction amidst the plethora of information sources can be challenging. To ease your mind as you contemplate investing in a hot tub, let's dispel some common misconceptions.

Myth #1: Hot tubs are expensive to run.

This concern often looms large for prospective buyers. Many believe that hot tub installation will lead to exorbitant energy bills. However, modern advancements have rendered this belief obsolete. Crystec Spas incorporate top-tier technology, making them energy-efficient to operate. Insulated cabinets and covers standard in our models drastically reduce heat loss, minimising the need for continuous heater operation.

Moreover, hot tubs do not require a permanent water supply and are simply filled using a hose. While maintaining water quality is crucial, complete drainage and refilling are only necessary