Debunking Common Hot Tub Myths: What You Need to Know Before Investing

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Posted: January 31, 2024

In recent years, the surge in hot tub popularity has brought along with it a flood of myths that can deter potential buyers. Sorting fact from fiction amidst the plethora of information sources can be challenging. To ease your mind as you contemplate investing in a hot tub, let's dispel some common misconceptions.

Myth #1: Hot tubs are expensive to run.

This concern often looms large for prospective buyers. Many believe that hot tub installation will lead to exorbitant energy bills. However, modern advancements have rendered this belief obsolete. Crystec Spas incorporate top-tier technology, making them energy-efficient to operate. Insulated cabinets and covers standard in our models drastically reduce heat loss, minimising the need for continuous heater operation.

Moreover, hot tubs do not require a permanent water supply and are simply filled using a hose. While maintaining water quality is crucial, complete drainage and refilling are only necessary on rare occasions.

Myth #2: Hot tubs aren't sanitary.

The idea of a large tub of warm water as a breeding ground for bacteria is a legitimate concern. Yet, with the correct chemicals and regular maintenance, a hot tub can remain extremely clean. Our hot tubs feature advanced filtration systems to eliminate impurities, and keeping the filters clean is essential for optimal performance.

Myth #3: Hot tubs require extensive maintenance.

While upkeep is necessary to keep your hot tub in prime condition, it doesn't have to be overwhelming. The tub's filtration system handles most of the maintenance work. Before you start enjoying your hot tub, we ensure you're fully briefed on care procedures. You can even schedule an annual service to give your hot tub a comprehensive clean.

Myth #4: Chlorine makes your eyes burn.

High chlorine levels can indeed cause irritation, but the amount needed to sanitise hot tub water is minimal and unlikely to cause issues for most people. For those sensitive to chlorine, bromine serves as a gentler alternative.

Myth #5: Quality hot tubs require a hefty investment.

While hot tubs were once considered luxury items, they are now more accessible than ever. Our range caters to various requirements and budgets, and with our 0% finance options, owning a hot tub may be more affordable than you think.